The DIY Ram Pump!

A hydraulic ram, or hydram, Is a simple Yet quite magical device that pumps water up hill by using the water  itself to power it

It uses no fossil fuels and needs very little maintenance,the technology is very old but now hardly used and forgotten.

Here at Corga Da Pereira we have developed a model which can be easily made from readily available and recycled parts at a cost of less than that of an electric pump.

The ram pump works continuously pumping a portion of the flowing water up hill and can supply your house ,garden, ponds,tanks etc.

In our area it is important to store water to fight fire,save lives and propertys.We hold regular workshops on building and maintaining a hydraulic ram pump. ..see workshops  …

Um carneiro hidráulico, ou hydram, é um dispositivo simples, mas muito mágico que as bombas de água acima do monte, utilizando a água própria para o poder,

Ela não usa combustíveis fósseis e as necessidades de manutenção muito pouco, a tecnologia é muito antigo, mas agora pouco usado e esquecido.

Aqui na Corga Da Pereira, temos desenvolvido um modelo que pode ser facilmente fabricado a partir de componentes facilmente disponíveis e reciclados a um custo de menos do que uma bomba eléctrica.

A bomba carneiro trabalha continuamente uma porção de bombeamento da água que flui até a colina e pode fornecer a sua casa, jardim, lagos, tanques, etc

Na nossa área é importante para armazenar a água para combater incêndios, salvar vidas e propertys.We oficinas regulares na construção e manutenção de uma bomba carneiro hidráulico. .. Workshops ver


9 Responses to The DIY Ram Pump!

  1. Auke Idzenga says:

    If you like the ram pump technology, pls help us put the technology in the international spotlights by making us (the Philippine NGO AIDFI) a winner in the BBC World Challenge 2010. This will help spread this unknown technology.

    • Robert Pahus says:

      Dear Mr. Auke Idzenga,
      We have a farm on a small mountain. We need water for seedlings and livestock.

      There is a spring about 100 meters down the hillside that provides water to a few barangay dwellers.

      We would like to utilize the ram pump technology to provide water for our farm. Can you provide advice or guidance for this project?

      For the Francisco Estrera family,
      Robert E Pahus

  2. Raul Bautista says:

    Mr. Auke Idzenga
    Can post plan the drawing of your Hydraulic Ramp Pump. I would like to make my own model for use in my Farm

  3. I really loved Nigel’s teachings when I visited his place to take this course. Very very clear and easy to understand. grateful for your teachings!

  4. prakash gm says:

    sir I am from nepal I starting ram pump designe but a little know about ram pump can you help me? please send masurment for drive water

  5. Andreas Kenne Foma says:

    I would like room get a quotation on the hydraulic ram water put. Thank you.

  6. Andreas Kenne Foma says:

    I would like to get a quotation on your hydraulic ram water pump,.

    • Andreas Kenne Foma says:

      I built a water treatment for a village a catchment cedimentation and filtration Chambers which we taught was going to flow by gravity but it flew only for 40 metres and stoped. So I need a ram to pum water to tank situated at 1,5 kilometer from a 15m3 tank. This to serve a remote village of 100.people in an equetorial forest with no electricity and will never have in the next 20 years.

      • nigeljuliegreen says:

        Hello Andreas. Good to hear from you , you can write to my e-mail, and we can talk more . speak soon .. my mail is
        hope i can help
        regards Nigel.

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