Some pictures for all the people waiting to see the Tipi up in all its glory…..

The tipi was made Locally by Nuno and Nadia who also helped with erecting this amazing and beautifull space. www.mytipi.eu

Digger arrives to level the area       Digger arrives  to level the ground.Space almost ready and small wall built with upturned rocks    Making a wall with the upturned rocks.

Preparing poles   Preparing the poles.Lifting the tripod      Tripod up,working in the afternoon shade now!!Phewmore poles    More poles up.

canvas going onCanvas going on      Looking good!!      Fastening with pegsNearly there!   assessing and adjusting                                      Almost there

Much more pics to come!!!Sun down Tipi up!!!!!    Sun down and Tipi up!!!!!!!!!


5 Responses to Tipi

  1. eda.agg@homecall.co.uk says:

    hi julie the tipi looks great

    • nigeljuliegreen says:

      Glad you like it still not totally finished we will be putting on more pics soon .Keep looking!!!!

  2. eda.agg@homecall.co.uk says:

    we will love you all

  3. Andrea&Sabine says:

    hey familia GREEN! Como vai? Tudo bem? 😉 How’s winter in portugal?
    stucked in our daily grey urban routine..we had to think of your GREEN oasis! 🙂
    btw the tipi looks awesome! can’t wait to join you again somewhen!
    best wishes from austria&slovakia

  4. Bruno says:


    o site esta muito co0le as imagens estam muito fixes

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