Last Year we were very fortunate to be visited by the son and granddaughter of the man that built our house.


It was wonderful to get a glimpse of the past and walk the land with the people that had worked and lived here many years ago,also to hear all the amazing storys of how life was then,even more exciting was seeing some pictures of the people house and land over the last 70 years.

we enjoyed them so much we have decided to share them with all the friends of Corga da pereira along with some of the history’

the first picture is of

Manuel do Sacramento e Mariana do Sacramento the great grandparents of Ana who so kindly sent us the pictures . Ana also told us that although the property is registered as Corga da Perira she only knew it as Ribeiro


This next 2 are of our house in 1948 it has not changed much!


this one is the house in 1967


Gracinda and Manuel do Sacramento Junior grandparents of Ana 

It was these two wonderful people who built the house,Ana was telling us that the women collected all the stones that were used to build the house …Amazing!!


This picture is one of my personal favorates it is the next generation Acacio Sacramento  The father of Ana, on his way to Corga da pereiraRibeiroOxCartAcacio  He looks like he is enjoying the journey Its nice to slow down the    only way to travel i think!!

Acacio married Laura Coelho   the mother of Ana. Here is a picture of Laura and Gracinda



the next couple are of Ana Herself at Corga,very cute here im sure you will agree.

Ribeiro1965 Anathis is Ana at the top or the stairs leading to the house.

and here with her great grandmother, you can see the water jugs in the background, Ana says they went up and down the hill several times a day to collect water that they carried back on their heads,she was pleased to see we have a ram pump so no more carrying!!

Ribeiro1965 Mariana Ana

Ana a little older feeding chickens outside the house


and another great picture, Acacio on the veranda very relaxed


and here the house in 1976


and lastly a pic of Corga da pereira 2012


We would like to say a big thank you to Ana and her father Acacio for all of these beautiful photos and all your wonderful memories .


6 Responses to History

  1. Suter says:


  2. Sónia says:

    So great to see all these photos!! My father is one of the grandsons of Mariana and Manuel do Sacramento. Actually, my grandparents and my father and aunts lived in a house not far from there up the Hill, also in Ribeiro.
    É muito bom saber que a casa está de pé e continua com vida.:)

    • Ana Sacramento says:

      Hi Sonia! You and I are great granddaughters of Mariana and Manuel. I would love to know more about you. I just heard that Corga (Ribeiro) area has been badly affected by the fire. I am so sad. If you can help in anyway, please do so.

      • Jos says:

        Hi Ana! I’ve seen in this web the photos you showed me 30 years ago (!).
        I’m José from Madrid. Contact me at ETSIST website email.

      • Sónia says:

        Olá Ana,
        só agora vi esta sua mensagem, não tinha as notificações activas. É verdade, o fogo devastou toda aquela zona. Eu sou filha do José Vicente, primo do seu pai 🙂

  3. Wonderfull to see these pictures!

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