After more than 7 years of accepting volunteers, visitors, interns and running workshops on various subjects, we have decided to restructure these activity’s.

The reasons for this are

  • An increasing amount of people wishing to come to corga da pereira to volunteer or visit.

  • The amount of people wishing to learn a skill or subject.

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Introducing – “ Learnateering”

  • A meeting of volunteering and learning

  • An opportunity to travel and learn life skills for much less than a stay in a bed and breakfast or camping

Structure –

  • Join in farm activity’s 5 hours a day 4 days a week, these include things like , tending to gardens and animals, wood collection and cutting, building, land clearing, etc…

  • 1 day will be a workshop day where you can learn skills like, soap, toothpaste and balm making, building a hydrolic ram pump, mushroom cultivation, working with round wood, natural building, permaculture related subjects, bee keeping, etc…

  • 2 days (usually weekends) are free time where you can relax, walk, take a trip to a local market, read (we have an increasing amount of useful informative books in our collection),or what ever floats your boat


Monitory contribution

  • First week – 7 e per day

  • Second week on – 5 e per day

This includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner, camping, (inside space available for a donation, please ask for details ) use of facilities and workshops

For more info and availability contact  nige4401@aol.com


2 Responses to Learnateering

  1. dario says:

    I volunteered at Corga da Pereira last September and it was a FANTASTIC experience! I am so thankful for my stay with the Green family! Pity that it was too short. They are really good motivators, nature lovers and fun to stay with. The learnateering is a very good idea for people to learn and help all around the lovely quinta. At Corga I realised for the first time how many things are possible to realize, then it’s all about the energy you want to put in them!

  2. Saran & Saskia says:

    We stayed for one week and were really sad to leave after such a short time. Nevertheless, we got straightaway very good friends with this charming and absolutely bloody funny familiy! It was probably the hottest period of the year, so work was mainly watering, weeding, maintaining the stable and feeding the animals. The afternoons we spend mostly reading in the library, talking or swimming at the river bank. It was a great balance between working, eating, spare time and learning from the great knowledge of Nigel and Julie!! It was very inspiring to see what they created, that its possible to live off the grid but be very connected to the local people. The workshops, like making soap, inspired us to continue. Thank u, we really hope to see u again !

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